Home­Computer­Museum Future, Q1‑2023 edition

Here’s a convenient list of the future goals of the HomeComputerMuseum, what the current state is and what we need to accomplish this goal. This will be a quarterly update where you’ll be able to see what we’ve done.

If you are willing to help us reach one of these goals, make sure to contact us. All help is highly appreciated.


Museum register (in progress)

Planning: Q2-2023


  • Support for Museumjaarkaart.
  • Support for Bankgiroloterijkaart. (This is nearly the same as Museumjaarkaart, except from a lottery.)
  • Easier to ask for subsidy or funding for future projects. Many have a minimum requirement of this.


  • Pass the pre-test to become registered as a museum.
    • Have a collection plan: DONE
    • Fill in a lot of papers: Working on it.
  • Pass the final test to be a registered museum.
    • Have a decent alarm installation: Budget needed: €8100
    • Have a fire alarm installation: Budget so far: €7000
    • A decent insurance: DONE

Current state:
Waiting for time to proceed.


Planning: Q3-2023

Support for Museumjaarkaart.

Requirement: Registered as Museum at Museumregister.

Current state: Waiting for Museumregister.


Planning: Q4-2023

More visitors. Museumjaarkaart allow Dutch en Belgium people to visit the museum for free (with a monthly subscription to the Museumjaarkaart). The museum will receive a good part of the entrance fee for every visitor. We got numerous requests if we support this card and from personal experience people go to cities and check out if this card is supported.

Requirement: Museumvereniging membership.

Current state: Waiting for Museumvereniging.

MORE Paid employees

Planning: 2024

We need more paid employees to further professionalize the museum and help to grow the museum and the people inside. Currently, all these functions are done by volunteers who, in some cases, have to leave the museum in the future in order to have a paid job. Meaning the other volunteers have to fill in gaps for functions.

We strive to give these paid functions to the volunteers who are already doing them, except functions currently done by Bart or Patrick, since they are now filling these in despite their primary function. Most volunteers in the museum are on welfare and we’d like to give them a stable and normal paid job, therefor removing them from welfare.

Since 2021 there’s one (under)paid employee.

The functions currently filled in by volunteers and should be a paid functions

  • HR: Currently done by Bart (CEO) and Patrick (CFO)
  • Funds seeker: Currently done by Bart (CEO)
  • Chief warehouse: Currently done by Henri (Volunteer)
  • Tourguides: Currently done by Bart (CEO).
  • Administrative: Currently done by Anne (Volunteer) and Bart (CEO)
  • Stock control: Currently done by Henri (Volunteer)
  • CTO / Head of repair: Currently done by Willy (Volunteer), Bart (CEO) and Joey (Volunteer)
  • Social Media Manager: Currently done by Bart (CEO)
  • Host / Hostess: Currently done by Patrick (CFO), John (Volunteer/Security), Stephanie (Volunteer),

Our shortgoal for 2023 is to have a budget of 4x the current staff budget to have 2 people who are working > 50 hours a week a normal salary. Current salary is €25.200 for a 52,5 hours workweek at the least.

Requirement: Money.

Current state: 


Computer Erfgoed – National database for historic computers

Updating the national registry

Planning: 2023 / early 2024

Update out of date list at Datacollecties

Current state: Waiting for time to proceed.

Future steps

Planning: 2024


To have an entity to preserve historical computers within the Netherlands and Belgium. Prevent historical computers to be destroyed or exported to foreign countries.


A web-based tool where (private) collectors and museums can add their collection items. An example final will for private collectors where Stichting Computer Erfgoed will get ownership after death of the collector.

Good collaboration with other museums or private collectors who can take care of these objects.

Current state: Low priority.

Longterm goals

Dutch computerhistory TV-serie

Planning: 2024

We have a lot of knowledge of the Dutch computing history. We would like to archive this in a way that it will be preserved for future.


  • Interviews with people who worked with the computers.
  • Recording equipment.

Current state: Idea and a rough episode of the series.

10,000 visitors a year

Planning: 2027


Current state:
Continuing to survive

International Franchise

Planning: 2030

Similar concept in other countries, based on cultural, human care and commercial. Fully self-sustaining.

Current state:
On hold.